Lighting Effects

Affairs In The Air specializes in creating a setting that is magical and uniquely suited to our clients' tastes and budget. Lighting is a very special element of this creation process and can transform any event space into somethign truly spectacular.

A sampling of events we've lent our expertise to are detailed below. Feel free to view our Photo Gallery for samples of our prior projects--keeping in mind that each project is completely customized to suit your needs.


Twinkle Lights : Twinkle lights can enhance any area, room, yard, tent, the list goes on and on. These lights--although they seem small--put out a lot of necessary light when utilized properly. And most importantly, they help in creating a truly Fairytale Look wherever they are used.




Cafe Lighting: Small to large Café Bulbs (sometimes called Tuscany Bulbs) can be used to create a more Old World feel. Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, these lights can add ambiance as well as the necessary light required for your nighttime event. These types of lights can be paired with twinkle lights to bring in more of a feeling of depth of lighting – creating a truly eclectic look for your event.



Pattern Lighting: Monogram and Pattern Lighting (also called Gobos) can add in a more personalized look to your space. This can be created using an all-white light or can incorporate a varied palette of color. Patterns can simply be a paisley or damask or you can create a forest of trees or snow covered mountains. Perhaps you’re using a monogram throughout your wedding. Create Monogram Lighting and have this shot onto the wall behind the happy couple or on the dance floor to be the first thing everyone sees when they enter the room. A truly unique and personalized touch for your event!.



Can & LED Lighting: Up lighting can be used to add color and ambiance to curtains, walls and take an ordinary tree out side and bring it to life. These lights can also be shot from above to wash an area for dining or dancing. Sometimes this option is more budget friendly, but still can make quite the statement in a venue.